Buying a Boat

Looking for your special Yacht or Launch?

Consider the buyer services that Tauranga Boat Sales offers:

  1. The Friendly Crew - Knowledge, Experience, and Professional Service. When buying a boat, developing a trusting relationship with a good broker will make the experience less daunting, more fun and help ensure that the boat you end up buying is right for you. Buying a boat is like buying a pair of shoes - it needs to fit in with what you want to do with the boat and how you will use it. We put the client first and use our experience and knowledge to help guide you through the process.
  2. A straightforward Marine Industry Association approved process - We make the process of buying a boat straightforward and painless. We manage contract negotiations, assist in arranging surveys and sea trials on your behalf, handle all funds according to the written contract including the use of a Trust Account, and assist with vessel handover. Our service does not end when the sale is completed. We can help arrange tuition if needed, berthage, insurance, delivery options and any other requirements you may have.
  3. Free boat search service - As part of our mantra of putting the client first, if we do not have a boat that fits your needs, we will go find it for you, wherever that may be. We work with a wide range of other Marine Brokers both in New Zealand as well as internationally. We are experienced in international sales and manage the process on your behalf. We make it easy!
  4. Financing and Trade Options - We can assist with looking at alternative ways of getting you into the boat you want through the use of financing or utilizing your current boat as part of the purchase package in buying your next one.
  5. Visitor Services - Over 75% of our enquiry comes from outside the Bay of Plenty region. We make it easy for you to visit Tauranga to look at boats. We offer assistance with accommodations, restaurant recommendations, and other activities to do while you are here. We even offer free shuttle transport from the Tauranga Airport to either marina!